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There’s a glut of recruiters out there, as you’ve no doubt noticed them on job boards. How many times have you responded to a posting and never heard back, either from the agency, or the client? That’s because of new technologies—such as cloud based tools—that allow a resume to be dumped into a file and are never seen–a cyber hole.

We’ve tried these tools, and frankly, rejected them. There is nothing like old fashioned legwork in recruiting. If you’ve come to us, it’s most likely that someone referred you to us—a former colleague or manager. Accordingly, we probably already know you by the time we’ve talked live, and we have a reference before we even start. That helps us make a placement—that’s how we get paid, after all—but it also provides you with a head start, and differentiates you from all the cloud based resumes sitting in cyber space.

Our thirty years exclusively in QA staffing gives you the advantage of working with a recruiter who actually knows what you do every day at work. We can advise you on where you might need to improve your skills for a particular role, or find you a job that will allow you to obtain those skills. Clients enjoy the benefits of our specialty in QA. They know we won’t waste their time.

For contractors, we enjoy a partnership with TFIResources. They conduct all payroll services and act as employer of record. Twenty years together has given us an advantage. You know your pay will be deposited electronically in your bank account every pay period, and that you’ll have workers compensation coverage, tax withholding, employee support, and access to benefits, such as healthcare coverage. If you’re incorporated, we can work corp to corp.

You’ll hear regularly from us, whether you’re looking for new opportunities or not, just to keep in touch with what you’ve been doing, so that when you do begin to look, we’ve got an idea of what might be of interest. Frequently, you’ll get a call because we see something you’ve been doing that fits with an exciting opportunity you’ll at least want to review.

Don’t waste your time, get in touch with QASoftware.


Candidate, an automation engineer with perl and python skills.

“I’ve been placed by Joe three times over the last 15 years. He’s followed my career, given me advice on what skills he sees becoming important, and he keeps in touch even when I’m not looking. In fact, once he showed me a company I was really intrigued by, and I took the interview, even though I’d planned to stay put for a while longer. I’m still there and am a lead now. He’s never wasted my time.”